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This is the homepage of WinSIXAXIS, an application that enables the Sony SIXAXIS controller to be used as a joystick under windows with motion tracking!

Both the accelerometers and gyro on the SIXAXIS are enabled in this application. However, the gyro on my SIXAXIS seems to be defective, and hence I haven’t mapped the gyro data to any joystick axis. So, for now WinSIXAXIS can only track rotation along the roll and pitch axes. It maps roll and pitch to four joystick axes under windows. Two are aimed for games with 180 degrees tracking (can’t tell whether the joystick is facing up or down), and two with full 360 degrees tracking (differentiates between facing or down).



NOTE: Before installing WinSIXAXIS make sure to remove the ps3sixaxis_en.exe driver, as it conflicts with WinSIXAXIS and will cause WinSIXAXIS to lock requiring a system restart. WinSIXAXIS works without problems with the sixaxisdriver.exe driver, and you can leave that installed alongside WinSIXAXIS if you like.


EDIT 22/05/2008: Version 1.1 of WinSIXAXIS is out. This new version adds a monolithic installer that includes both PPJoy and Libusb-win32 installers. This version also handles the creation and maintenance of the PPJoy virtual joystick automatically (Thanks Deon!). Just install, run and enjoy!


EDIT 23/05/2008: Released V1.1.0 Build 194. This build fixes a small bug in the installer script and the version number reported in the window title bar.


EDIT 05/06/2008: Muchas gracias to lordcapy for his help. If you’re having problems with WinSIXAXIS freezing, PLEASE READ THIS:

“Hiho, I was one of those having the trouble of getting freezed. I did everything during 2h, until I found out the problem resides on LibUsb.

With WinSixaxis, you install only the libusb driver for win32. On most cases this is enought.

But some people need also to configure the device like me. You should get libusb-win32-device-bin- , for easy way to find it, I uploaded it on my host ->

Unpack it, on the bin folder, open inf-wizard.exe Connect the sixaxis via usb to your pc, and click on next On this screen you will see all your usb things connected, to know which is ps3 sixaxis, disconect it and connect, so in the screen you can see how it dissapear and appear again, select it and click next On next screen, don’t touch the vendor id/product id, on manufacturer name, write Sony, on Device name write PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller and click on next, save your_file.inf on the bin folder

Now go to administrator of devices, to know again which is the ps3 sixaxis, open for example the Game devices on control panel, where u can see ps3 controller connected, and on administrator of devices, disable 1 random usb, if on game devices ps3 controller dissapear…thats it.

When you found it, click right button, Update driver…click all to NOT install driver automatic, then select the bin folder, click on your_file.inf, and install it.

That’s all, now ps3 sixaxis is working”

The device-bin driver can also be downloaded from HERE


When installing WinSIXAXIS 1.1 make sure you follow and successfully complete the instlallers of PPJoy and libusb-win32.

When running WinSIXAXIS for the first time, or if the PPJoy virtual joystick has been deleted, WinSIXAXIS will attempt to automatically create the virtual joystick. If WinSIXAXIS succeeds in installing the PPJoy Virtual Joystick, it will show the following message box:

WinSIXAXIS installed Virtual Joystick

Click OK to continue. Then, WinSIXAXIS will show the following Message Box:

WinSIXAXIS wait until Virtual Joystick virtual joystick installed

Do NOT click on Yes until Windows finishes installing the Virtual Joystick. If you click No, the Message Box will show again. If you click Cancel, WinSIXAXIS will abort and exit.

Next, follow the Windows New Hardware Found Wizard:

Windows new hardware found

1- Select No, not this time and click Next.

Windows new hardware found - step 2

2- Select Install the software automatically (Recommended) and click Next.

Windows new hardware found - step 3

3- Windows will show a notification that the driver isn’t signed. Click on Continue Anyway.

Windows new hardware found - step 4

4- Wait until Windows finishes the installation process, then click Finish.

5- After finishing the New Hardawre Found Wizard, you can click Yes on the WinSIXAXIS Message Box:

WinSIXAXIS wait until Virtual Joystick virtual joystick installed

6- If you have your SIXAXIS plugged in, and WinSIXAXIS running (press the PS button if there is no input), WinSIXAIXS should now be receiving input from your SIXAXIS joypad.

Game Controllers - PPJoy Virtual joystick 1 properties

7- Before starting to use your SIXAXIS with WinSIXAXISyou should calibrate it. Read the Calibration How-To.


If you like WinSIXAXIS, please consider making a donation.

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