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WinSIXAXIS 1.0.0

I've written a small application that uses libusb-Win32 and PPJoy to allow the Sony SIXAXIS joypad to work under windows with motion tracking; mapping rotation along the roll and pitch axes as normal joystick axes under Windows. To download WinSIXAXIS, and read the instructions on how to install go HERE Unfortunately, it seems that the gyroscope in my SIXAXIS joypad is defective. So, while WinSIXAXIS is able to read the gyro data, its not mapped to any joystick axis under windows, as I'm not able to properly calibrate it or use the data in any meaningful way. So for now there's no Yaw tracking. To calibrate your SIXAXIS to WinSIXAXIS, go HERE A Very big thanks to Carl Keener for his generous help in explaining how to communicate with the Sony SIXAXIS using libusb-Win32. Without Carl's help, this application wouldn't be possible.

New proxy mirror

God, its been about four months since the last time I posted anything here. There are lots and lots of things I've been meaning to write about, but didn't have the time to sit down and write any of them. Anyway, a few months ago I setup a mirror of my proxy at another domain I own. The mirror is located at It is a mirror of my proxy at , so all the same rules apply. Abuse it, and you'll loose it.

Photo Album

I added a photo album section to the site. The first batch of photos that made it online are some photos I took the past weekend of the Lisbon International Motor Show. I want to add some additional pics I took a few weeks back at a private BMW event where I got the chance to get into and play with an armored X5, a Z4, and an awsome 760Li. At the motor show, there were some amazing cars from Mazeratti, Ferrari, Audi, Mercedes, Ford, Lamborghini, Proche, Nissan (most notably their Terranaut SUV), Mazda, and many others. There were two Formula 1 cars from Honda and Renault too. The only major car maker (read - maker that I care to see) missing was BMW. To see the pics I took at the Lisbon Car Show, click HERE. Stay tuned...

MSNTV in europe

If anyone wants to get one or more MSNTV 2 devices (RM4100), or any other item from the US for that matter, in Europe, I can arrange to import them. For more detailed info Email me.

PocketGCC mirror

Today, I have setup a mirror for PocketGCC files, mainly for the users of the PocketGCC yahoo group, but its available for everyone to use. You can get it HERE. I think there are a lot of files that need to be added, and hope to also add a good amount of documentation files to the mirror, such as howtos and tutorials. If you have any file that you think would benefit PocketGCC users, please drop me an email at geek at iraqigeek dot com with a description of what you have, and how you think it would benefit the PocketGCC community. EDITED ON 03/02/2010: The mirror used Philer which doesn't seem to work on my new host. I've pulled that package offline and instead created a 7z file with all the PocketGCC related files I have and updated the link above to point to it.

New Classifieds section

And yet another addition to my portal, a new classifieds section. This section will be free of charge for all to advertise about anything as long as there is no offensive content. The classifieds section can be found HERE.