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WinSIXAXIS is out

May 22, 2008 on 1:24 pm | In Technology | 8 Comments

On the eve of hitting 200k hits on my blog, WinSIXAXIS is out. This new release adds a monolithic installer that installs both Libusb-win32-filter and PPJoy during the WinSIXAXIS installation process. It also automates the creation and maintenance of the PPJoy Virtual Joystick and its axes mapping to work properly with WinSIXAXIS.

The new release is available on

The WinSIXAXIS homepage


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  1. I don’t know exactly where to comment on this, so I guess this is as good as any. I couldn’t find you contact email, otherwise I would have just emailed it to you. Let me just start off by saying, this is an amazing program/driver to get the sixaxis working for the PC. I have used both the ps3sixaxis_en and the Japanese driver, both of which worked, but not with the motion. I had some weird and unexpected problems. What happened to me was every time I opened winsixaxis(or started the computer, which did the same thing) I came up with this error….”Access violation at address 00401EE1 in module ‘WinSIXAIXS.exe’. Read of address 00000102″ And yes, it really does say WinSIXAIXS.exe(spelled wrong). Well, I couldn’t figure it out. It always just froze that window, and the program stopped responding. I could still do everything else on my computer, though. When I Ctrl+Alt+Del to see, in my processes list I saw that winsixaxis.exe was running, but I could not end the process. The other thing I experienced was that my computer never shut down(had to hard reset it). I assume this is because windows for some reason could not close winsixaxis.exe. Well, what I ended up doing, is following the instructions on your homepage for “Those who’s program freezes”. This still didn’t fix the problem. Reboot. So the next thing I did was to unistall libusb-win32. Reboot. Start up WinSIXAXIS again, get the same message. This time, though I can click ok, and it proceeds to the program. I calibrate, and it works!! When I run the libusb test it comes up with this….

    DLL version:
    Driver version:

    + some extra stuff. So, While I dont have libusb installed(not in my programs list, nor anywhere I can find), it is still coming up on the test. Sorry if that is long and drawn out, but thats pretty much the only way I can explain it. I hope this might possibly help someone else with a similar problem. The error message still comes up, but everything runs fine. Tested it with some games, and it works great. Also when I go to Control Panel>Game Controllers, I only have the parallel port joystick 1 there, no other items. Any ideas on why? Btw, is it possible to map the triggers to a proportional control(like they would be if the controller was being used on the PS3)? Again, awesome stuff, just hope I can help with this information somehow.

    Comment by aero528 — 11 June 2008 #

  2. I dont know what to say…

    Comment by mitoman — 12 June 2008 #

  3. Me either. The only qualm I have with this driver is the lack of trigger proportionality. Is there any way I can do this myself?

    Comment by aero528 — 20 June 2008 #

  4. ive got the same problem as aero528, and no amount of uninstallation seems to remedy the problem. as far as i can tell ive completely removed the drivers in device manager, somehow its still recognizing it as PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller and it says the hardware is installed and ready to be used. this shouldnt be possible if the drivers are uninstalled right? ive tried uninstalled and reinstalling everything 3 times, following a guide to prevent winsixaxis from freezing (i.e. a guide to make sure all drivers and progs have been removed). ppjoy and winsixaxis run with this error, but they wont recognize any inputs, and neither will windows for that matter. a response on how to remedy this would be greatly appreciated, unless you have an alternative that allows me to use the triggers as analog instead of digital!

    Comment by Nightshade722 — 18 March 2009 #

  5. ok i successfully fixed the above problem. you have to go into your C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers folder and delete ppjoy’s 2 driver files. dont remember the exact names, but if you mouseover the files it should say something about PPJoy in the Description part. look around that folder and see if there are any other driver files installed (i had dualshock3.sys in there too) and delete them as well. i dont know if this mattered or not, but during WinSIXAXIS installation it installs PPJoy, and PPJoy automatically creates a virtual pad from the get-go. so after PPJoy installed but before i finished WinSIXAXIS installation, i opened ppjoy and removed the virtual pad it created (since winsixaxis creates one on first run anyway). finished installation, ran it, the proper boxes popped up and no more error! unfortunately the controller perpetually rumbles, i assume its because im using a DS3 instead of SIXAXIS controller. -_-

    Comment by Nightshade722 — 18 March 2009 #

  6. Nightshade722,

    Unfortunately, I cannot really help you much there. However, please note that WinSixAxis doesn’t allow you to use the triggers in analog mode.

    Comment by IraqiGeek — 18 March 2009 #

  7. Don’t have a dual-shock 3 controller, nor access to one. So, I haven’t been able to debug/fix this issue with dual-shock gamepads…

    Comment by IraqiGeek — 18 March 2009 #

  8. nearly got this thing working, after three days (on and off) of trying to fix it my sixaxis finally responds in Windows Game Controllers..

    Few problems tho:

    Winsixaxis gives access violation on startup, when clicking ok it dissapears, winsixaxis loads and has values in all boxes (i guess this is good?)

    now from this point on, the controller constantly vibrates… is there a fix for this? everything else seems to work ok, but its pretty annoying that it keeps vibrating

    Heres what im using:

    Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit



    Comment by Pendaz — 3 July 2009 #

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