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Calibrating WinSIXAXIS

February 19, 2008 on 1:54 pm | In How-To | 68 Comments

Before starting to use the WinSIXAXIS to track SIXAXIS attitude, it is important to calibrate the application to the SIXAXIS the application is talking to.

To do that, double click (or right click, and select restore) on the WinSIXAXIS icon in the system tray. This will bring up the WinSIXAXIS window.

PPJoy main window

Make sure WinSIXAXIS is tracking your SIXAXIS joystick by tilting it front, back, and sideways. If WinSIXAXIs isn’t tracking, press the PS button on your SIXAXIS.

To start the calibration process, press the the Calibrate on the WinSIXAXIS window.

PPJoy main window

Now tilt your SIXAXIS around the roll and pitch axes to get the accelerometers maximum and minimum ranges as shown in the video below:

Once you have finished tilting the SIXAXIS as shown in the video above, click the Ok

PPJoy main window

To hide WinSIXAXIS window, double click on the WinSIXAXIS icon in the system tray, or right click the WinSIXAXIS window and select Minimize.

The calibration process has to be done only the first time you plug in your SIXAXIS, or if you plugin a different joypad. WinSIXAXIS will remember the calibration data even after it exits or after windows restarts.

To reset the calibration data, just click on the Reset Calibration button. Then you can re-calibrate your SIXAXIS.


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  1. everytime i try to install it freezes the computer anny help?

    Comment by thechazz — 10 June 2008 #

  2. thechazz,

    Did you bother reading the winsixaxis page???

    Comment by IraqiGeek — 10 June 2008 #

  3. yes i did actually…nothing about it freezing your computer

    Comment by thechazz — 10 June 2008 #

  4. and that method just above my comment doesnt work either

    Comment by thechazz — 10 June 2008 #

  5. thechazz,

    I’m sorry to hear that, but there’s nothing I can do to help you. I’ve said it dozens of times, and I’ll say it again, the problem is with libusb-Win32, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

    All of the code inside WinSIXAXIS recovers gracefully in the event of an error. However, if an external call (in this case to libusb-win32) doesn’t return for whatever reason, there’s literally nothing I can do about it.

    Comment by IraqiGeek — 10 June 2008 #

  6. I tried the entire thing and it doesnt work… oh well

    Comment by mitoman — 12 June 2008 #

  7. Hehe, I just checked the web after my last comment

    well, thechazz, I had the famous problem, and doing what I said it worked for me

    thx iraqi for naming me 🙂

    Comment by lordcapy — 20 June 2008 #

  8. Thank you, mate, for writing back about the work around. I’ve been saying its a problem with libusb-win32 for months now, but nobody wants to believe.

    WinSIXAXIS is just a small user space app, and ALL of the external calls it makes recover gracefully in the event of an error. But if any of the external calls hang for any reason and dont return control to my app, there’s nothing I can do about it.

    Comment by IraqiGeek — 20 June 2008 #

  9. helo
    i am having problems how to configure ppjoy
    when i install your setup i keep my sixaxis pluged in
    is this right??
    also the calibration window can detect the motion once i press yhe PS button but when i open game controller and click on “PPjoy virtual joystick 1”
    it doesn’t detect any button press nor any motion
    please help me 🙂

    Comment by mitul — 12 July 2008 #

  10. Hello IraqiGeek
    First of all I’d like to thank you for the sixaxis project: it took me quite a while to understand how to get the signal out of the motion sensor but now I got it. I still have some issues to solve but overall I should admit the winSIXAXIS is really great! My main problem now is that as soon as I start WinSIXAXIS the PS3 controller starts to vibrate which make the accelerometer signal very noisy: does anyone know how to turn the vibration off? did I make any mistake in the installation? everything else seem to work really well. Hope you or someone here will be able to help me 🙂

    Comment by Maxwell101 — 15 August 2008 #

  11. when i open the winSIXAXIS program it opens then instantly closes itself

    im running windows vista 32bit home edition

    it does not show up in my task pane

    also when i press the ps button my ps3 turns on is there a way for that to not happen?

    Comment by cjv1 — 10 October 2008 #

  12. ok..i been sitting here trying to install this program but it wont work BECAUSE THAT WH*RE program ps3sixaxis_en.exe is imposseble to remove it dosnt matter what you do all reg entries are gone everything is gone still when i plug the damn thing in it recongnises it as a ps3 conroller and then freezes winsixaxis. if anyone have succesfully removed ps3sixaxis_en with out a complete reformat tell me how..

    Comment by LuuKen — 25 October 2008 #

  13. okey i have tried updating the drive like lordcapy mentioned but when i come to selecting the bin folder where i saved your_file.inf it says that it does not contain any drivers.. and yes its the right davice yes i did exacly like he said but i cant update the driver.

    Comment by LuuKen — 25 October 2008 #

  14. you know what .. went out and bought a ps2 game pad copy for pc instead.. lol

    Comment by LuuKen — 26 October 2008 #

  15. I uninstalled all the previous stuff I had tried to use to get my PS3 controller to work and installed this. It made the USB plugged in unplugged sound heaps, locked up my pc. I had to restart and now nothing works. All my device drivers now dont work, I cant use my mouse keyboard. the only thing working is the display drivers. this happened when libusb-32 was installing or whatever.

    Windows Vista 32bit SP1

    Comment by tokyotony — 29 October 2008 #

  16. had success connecting this with winsixaxis, but this drivers doesn’t support dual shock 3 as it was constantly vibrating. Only works for sixaxis i suppose. The ppjoy button configuration always fails to register itself because winsixaxis overwrites my ppjoy setting each time. Hope you can fix for dualshock 3!

    Comment by davieslim — 2 November 2008 #

  17. umm somethings not quite right I followed the steps a for once it started working but then the usb cord came loose and no matter what I do it wolk again I uninstall every thing renstall everything disable componets reenabled componts
    reconfigured it but what ever I do when Winsixaxis
    is runed it says error sixaxis installization fail

    Comment by runny6play — 7 December 2008 #

  18. also it’s not win32 because when I run the test app it give all the data about the controller

    Comment by runny6play — 7 December 2008 #

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