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WinSIXAXIS 1.0.0

February 19, 2008 on 2:00 pm | In Announcements | 2 Comments

I’ve written a small application that uses libusb-Win32 and PPJoy to allow the Sony SIXAXIS joypad to work under windows with motion tracking; mapping rotation along the roll and pitch axes as normal joystick axes under Windows. To download WinSIXAXIS, and read the instructions on how to install go HERE

Unfortunately, it seems that the gyroscope in my SIXAXIS joypad is defective. So, while WinSIXAXIS is able to read the gyro data, its not mapped to any joystick axis under windows, as I’m not able to properly calibrate it or use the data in any meaningful way. So for now there’s no Yaw tracking.

To calibrate your SIXAXIS to WinSIXAXIS, go HERE

A Very big thanks to Carl Keener for his generous help in explaining how to communicate with the Sony SIXAXIS using libusb-Win32. Without Carl’s help, this application wouldn’t be possible.

Calibrating WinSIXAXIS

February 19, 2008 on 1:54 pm | In How-To | 68 Comments

Before starting to use the WinSIXAXIS to track SIXAXIS attitude, it is important to calibrate the application to the SIXAXIS the application is talking to.

To do that, double click (or right click, and select restore) on the WinSIXAXIS icon in the system tray. This will bring up the WinSIXAXIS window.

PPJoy main window

Make sure WinSIXAXIS is tracking your SIXAXIS joystick by tilting it front, back, and sideways. If WinSIXAXIs isn’t tracking, press the PS button on your SIXAXIS.

To start the calibration process, press the the Calibrate on the WinSIXAXIS window.

PPJoy main window

Now tilt your SIXAXIS around the roll and pitch axes to get the accelerometers maximum and minimum ranges as shown in the video below:

Once you have finished tilting the SIXAXIS as shown in the video above, click the Ok

PPJoy main window

To hide WinSIXAXIS window, double click on the WinSIXAXIS icon in the system tray, or right click the WinSIXAXIS window and select Minimize.

The calibration process has to be done only the first time you plug in your SIXAXIS, or if you plugin a different joypad. WinSIXAXIS will remember the calibration data even after it exits or after windows restarts.

To reset the calibration data, just click on the Reset Calibration button. Then you can re-calibrate your SIXAXIS.

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